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M. I. C. (Missing In Community)


What is M.I.C.?

M.I.C. or Missing In Community is Harvest912's newest outreach focused on serving those homeless Veterans living outside of shelter services. M.I.C. will partner with other local outreach organizations to provide Veterans with supplies they need most to improve their daily lives and the support they need to rebuild their futures.  To that end, we have purchased a Polaris 4X4 Ranger and will be packing it full of freeze dried meals, first aid kits, basic survival and sanitation needs. These basic supplies will be delivered along with compassion, dignity and respect for those who served and now find themselves in desperate situations not always by their own choice.

They may be Missing In Community, but they are certainly Not Forgotten !!

How did M.I.C. start?

While on an outreach mission, Harvest912 board member Kane Patron found an encampment that was in desperate need of supplies. When asked what their most pressing need was, they replied that they needed boots and camping supplies.  Kane noticed that the encampment construction was advanced and asked whether the residents were Veterans…all three were not only Veterans but all three wore size 9 1/2. 

Harvest912 was able to provide the three men with boots and supplies and Tad was given our next mission…to help more Veterans like the ones at this camp.  Tad and Kit presented the idea of providing supplies and outreach to camps to Kane and he embraced it wholeheartedly, not only as a board member, but also as a volunteer. Thus, “Missing In Community” was born.


Kane Patron is the board chair for M.I.C.

You can help a Veteran in need!

M.I.C. urgently needs your support to provide our Veterans living outside the shelter system with the basics to improve their lives day-to-day and help us develop the trusting relationships that will help them re-integrate into the community.    We supply these invisible heroes with many items, including high-quality, nutritious freeze-dried meals that will feed a crowd. We think that Legacy Foods makes the best meals - please choose from the following options! You can ship your purchases directly to M.I.C. c/o Harvest912, 1655 Moorheadville Road, North East, PA 16428 and we'll deliver them with a note from you thanking them for their service. 

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