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Harvest912 is Changing Lives...One Sole at a Time!


We started this project 6 months ago with the generous financial support

of our partners at Hamot Health Foundation and The Erie Community Foundation. Purchasing the bus was just the beginning and it has been a HUGE project. Once the bus arrived in Erie, our friends Matt and Rick at MK Enterprises did the initial mechanical upgrades and fixed all the road safety issues, then we removed almost all of the old seating and wrapping the bus with graphics from Sharper Images. Now, we were ready to install all the systems and turn the bus into a clinic space where our guests would feel welcomed, have their feet washed, get a foot exam from one of our volunteer Docs, and then leave with a new pair of boots and other necessities. Little did we know what an undertaking the refit would be! Thankfully, Rick and Mike came to the rescue - they ingeniously engineered and installed all of the water tanks, propane, water heater, plumbing, and electrical components, fitting everything into very tight spaces and making sure that everything worked just the way it was supposed to. Mike then got to work doing a gorgeous finishing job and final product is just amazing!! Check out the photo of the project from start to finish...

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Updated: Jan 1, 2022

Many thanks to the Mental Health Association for hosting our December 21st clinic. We were blessed to be able to serve 17 guests. Happy Holidays!!

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