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Our Tucson team, headed up by Kari Marsh, worked tirelessly to get our first clinic off the ground. They recruited volunteer medical providers as well as many other community volunteers.  All their hard work came to fruition at their first clinic on March 29, 2024 at the Gospel Rescue Mission!!  This event was a great success, with 15 guests receiving foot care, new shoes and so much love from all of our volunteers.  As always, Carolina Shoe company is supporting this expansion in a BIG way,  supplying 100% of the footwear for this chapter.   Harvest912 Tucson has also found a home base at  Hope City Church Tucson thanks to Pastor Jeff Logsdon.  

We are so excited to see Harvest912 growing - we know this fantastic team is going to do great things for our unhoused neighbors in Tucson, but they need your help!  Please donate by clicking the button above and you can designate your donation to go directly to our team in Tucson.   If you'd like to get involved as a volunteer, please contact Kari Marsh at 520-833-0902 or email

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