Mad Cow Gourmet Hot Sauce - 5 oz bottle

Mad Cow Gourmet Hot Sauce - 5 oz bottle


Mad Cow Gourmet Hot Sauce is back on the market!!

Mad Cow Gourmet Hot sauce is being re-released to the Chili head market in late Spring. Moving its location to Northwest Pennsylvania (Originally produced in Ohio) Mad Cow is now produced and distributed by Harvest912, Inc. Harvest 912 is a 501(c) (3) which focuses on providing foot clinics, medical evaluations and new shoes to the homeless and those less fortunate. The COVID-19 outbreak of 2020 caused a surge in Homelessness and lack of basic medical care for those in need. 100% of profits from sales goes to Harvest912. Please visit for more information.

With no changes to the basic recipe with exception of Carolina Reaper instead of Ghost pepper, MAD COW still brings that same unique flavor and heat to an award winning Hot Sauce as it did in the past. Mad Cow was first introduced as “Mad Wombat” in the late 90’s as an Australian Hot sauce (Made by an American ex-pat) which placed 3rd‘Best International Hot Sauce', in Chili Pepper Magazine's 2000 annual contest . After Moving to Ohio, it was renamed MAD COW and enjoyed a loyal following until 2010 when operations ceased. Today we are happy to announce the resurgence of our Hot Sauce and look forward to rejoining the Chili head world and at the same time helping others in need.


This smokin' sauce is a must for any Chilihead's collection!!!



Discounts available for bulk orders. Please contact us by email or phone for more information.